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Beauty brand makes Muslim nail polish collection, #HalalPaint

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For devout Muslim men and women, wearing nail polish isn’t allowed. The ritual performed before prayer, wudu, requires water to touch every part of the body. Nail polish creates a barrier between skin and water, preventing them from wearing it.

Popular beauty brand, Orly, collaborated with, the largest online Muslim women’s platform in the US, releasing #HalalPaint, a limited edition collection of “breathable” polishes that are porous, making them halal certified.

“This new collection goes beyond just offering a viable solution to traditional nail polish for women who feel like they’re forced to compromise on beauty,” says Refinery 29.

The polish allows oxygen and hydration to pass through. Since water is able to penetrate the polish and reach nail beds, Muslims can wear it and still perform their ritual.

The collection can be pre-ordered on and retails for $49.

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