Tarrant County College offers television and film workshop at no cost

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FORT WORTH-- Lots of people want to break into the TV and film biz, but many think the only place to go is  Hollywood.

Well, folks with Tarrant County College want to help those aspiring artists achieve their silver screen dreams, right here in North Texas.

“Today we have a free workshop that will last for four sessions over four weeks. The net result of that will be a short film,” said Scott Robinson, Dean of Humanities at TCC.

This free event is open to anyone who registered. Film and TV experts are giving these students a crash course in the biz.

“I have come to know a lot of people who are working in Texas, who are based in Texas, and they're producing great stuff,” said Workshop participant, DeeLeeAnn Abrahamson

Radhia Addison said, ”We have a lot of people here with a lot of creative passion and if we had more opportunities like this, we would be able to express that drive more.”

Also, this workshop will also help promote the Funky Town Festival coming next year. it highlights film, music, and the arts.

Carlos Aguilar says Texas is a hotbed for film and he believes the future is bright for film in the Lone Star State,  despite threats to cut film incentives in Texas.

“I think the future of film in Texas is strong, even though we have had a difficult time trying to convince the lawmakers. There is still a strong component that is really still in its infancy.”

So it could be interesting to see where this industry can go, but he many hope the film lights burn bright, deep in the heart of Texas.

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