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Beer Delivery in Colorado could lead Texas

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DENVER, CO -- Nothing says summer like opening up a cold brewsky on a hot day!

What happens when you really want to pop open a can of ale but realize you don't have any left! Two brothers have come up with a solution for all of your beer needs.

Bryce and Bret Forester own a beer joint called Craft Alley with one very special difference. They deliver right to your front door!

"If you're 21 and can prove it, we can deliver it to you," one of the brothers said.

Here's how they do it: partner breweries take a 32-ounce can (a "crowler") and fill it to the brim, seal it, then sell it to the Forester brothers, who then deliver it to you.

Other beer joints were skeptical of the two brothers, but now realize it boosts distribution and gets people their brew without having to drive to the liquor store.

"They've really seen how many crowlers that we're moving for them, the reaction has been really positive," the other brother said.

There is a catch, they only deliver in Denver. Sorry to get your hopes up, but hopefully something like this will come to the Lone Star state soon! You know how Texans love their beer!

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