The Bacon Brothers shakin’ and bacon in Dallas as apart of their sizzlin’ summer tour! 🥓

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DALLAS -- From Footloose to Friday The 13th, Kevin Bacon has made movies for 30-plus years, but he's also been shaking and bacon in the music biz.

He and his brother Michael Bacon, who's also brought home the bacon as a film composer, started their adventure back in '95.

"We would get together sometimes and write songs and we would usually do songs that we were hoping get cut by people," explained Kevin.

Their talent took off and The Bacon Brothers were born.

"It never really was really like a 'hey, sit down this is what we need to do.' We really didn't plan. It just kinda planned us," Kevin added.

The band has hit the road for the summer, promoting new music, like their latest single Broken Glass.

Both brothers play the guitar and do vocals, but believe it or not, there's really no fighting over the mic.

"What generally works or always works is that if you wrote the song then you do vocals," Kevin added.

But the tour life isn't easy, especially when you're an A-list celeb living life on a tour bus for 10 weeks.

"For me, everything is all about doing the show," Kevin added. "When you've gotten to the place and tried the local cuisine and sometimes that's not so good."

Well,  even Kevin knows nothing is quite "picture perfect."