Graphic Video: Plano cop shoots man at QuikTrip gas station

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PLANO -- Disturbing video shows the aftermath of a Plano PD officer's shootout with a suspected robber at a gas station in Plano.

It happened Monday evening at the QuikTrip in the 6400 block of Preston Road.

"We just heard a loud pop! And we looked over, and we just thought it was a car," Brett Robinson, who tweeted the disturbing video, told NewsFix. "And then all of the sudden, we just heard it was coming from the officer. Continuous louder shots... the first pop didn't sound like it was the officer's gun."


Brett Robinson was working just around the corner from the QuikTrip when... "We heard those gunshots, and we took cover!"

Texas Rangers are investigating exactly what happened and have not released an official statement.

But witnesses say it all went down like this: A man jumped into the backseat of a woman's white Nissan. She then slammed her car into a truck parked at the pumps. A Plano officer, who just so happened to be at the gas station filling up her tank, saw it all unfold and immediately jumped into action.

"We saw the man laying down right behind the car, with the gun in his hand, no movement," Robinson said. "The officer was standing there kicking the gun out of the man's hand. It was pretty heroic. She did her job, she stood up."

Plano PD officials say the officer is on paid administrative leave, which is completely normal for a situation like this.

As for the condition of the suspect, right now, it remains unknown.