Uh… Popular hair loss drug costs 40% more for women than men

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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Women have made some pretty big advancements lately, but when it comes to buying products, among other things, inequality is still alive and well.

For instance, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine noticed the price of women's Rogaine is sky high compared to men's Rogaine! Turns out, both versions basically have the same ingredients, but when marketed for women, the price of Rogaine was higher by an average of 40% at 21 pharmacies in four states.

That's right, women are paying more than men for products that are practically the same. Which begs the question: what other things are women paying more for?

For one: razors. Honestly, who's surprised. Shampoo, socks, and get this: dry cleaning! Whether you're trying to grow your hair back or shave it all off, sounds like you're better off getting the men's version.