7 shot, 2 dead in Fort Worth neighborhood shootout

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FORT WORTH -- Rebecca Whitley said a small prayer before stepping in front of the NewsFix camera, both to calm herself and to bless the neighborhood she's lived all her life.

Then, she directed a plea toward anyone willing to listen.

"Just as I'm standing here and I'm on TV now, I'm telling the world we need help," she said Saturday morning.

The corner of Davis Avenue and New York Avenue in Fort Worth was peaceful Saturday morning as Whitley stood there, but a closer look showed the price of a late night shoot out that left two dead, five others hurt, and the gunmen on the run.

Bullet holes in homes and caution tape in front yards were all that was left from a surreal scene that Whitley's father witnessed from his own front porch.

"He said it was like a movie," she said. "That's what it felt like. It was like something that could not actually happen, but it's happening."

While those from the area stood on the side of the street, huddled up, trying to make sense of what happened, the mass shooting brought out a crowd too.

"It's a show for them," Whitley said, motioning to the line of cars driving down Davis Avenue. "We're not a show. We're not a show. We're people that work every day. This is not make believe. We are not a movie. We are real."

Fort Worth Police said Saturday morning:

"On 06/09/2017, Central Division officers were dispatched to 944 E. Davis St. in reference to a shooting call. Upon arrival officers located the victims 1 and 2 lying on the ground at the curb. The victims 1 and 2, unidentified at this time, were deceased on the scene. Officers located several additional shooting victims on scene who were transported to area hospitals for treatment."

FWPD didn't specify a cause of the shooting, just saying the investigation is ongoing.

Whitley says it's not about why it happened. It's about what we do now.

"It takes one person to speak up. It takes one person to say, 'Hey, I want change in my community, I want change in my life, I want change in me,'" she said. "One person. I challenge us to be that one person now."

Seven people were shot Friday night. Two of them died, and we don't have a report on the other five.

Who's going to be the one to speak up?