Woman just wants her charm back with her father’s remains after it was stolen.

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BOYD, Tx. - Sometimes photos of loved ones just aren`t enough.

"They may see that as just a piece of jewelry but to me, it's not. To me, it's a piece of me," says Lillian Taylor. "It contained my

"It contained my dad's remains... on a pin it also had my grandfather's on there too."

She has a special charm that her father picked out for her before he died eight years ago.

"I actually lost my fiancé one month before my dad passed away. At my fiancé's funeral service my dad coded," she said. "We were both crying and I said, 'I can't lose you, too.' He was a fighter but he always knew that we would keep a little part of him with us."

But Saturday, that keepsake was stolen.

"Parked at the Fort Worth Rowing Club," Lillian said. "We came back and realized that the window had been smashed and that my purse was gone. "

"I just kind of stopped when I realized my father's in my purse."

She filed a police report and turned to Facebook for help.

"He was a father to me that he didn`t have to be, so it made him even more special to me."

James was technically her stepdad, but she says he raised her.

"I safety pin it either to my dress or under my belt, inside, something so he's always with me on Father`s Day."

Except, maybe this one, so Lillian has a plea for the crooks.

"Whatever other contents they can keep," she said. "I just want my charm back. I don`t know, I just want him back with me."

Anyone with information can contact her on Facebook.