Uber driver accepted a 500 mile trip and got a big bonus from NFL player, Shareece Wright

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When an Uber driver decided to help out an NFL player, his good deed got him a big chunk of cash.

Hadi Abdollahian had no idea the customer he was picking up from Chicago O'hare International Airport would be NFL player Shareece Wright or that his final destination would be Buffalo, New York - about an 8-hour drive.

But when the new Buffalo Bills Player told Hadi that he'd missed his connecting flight and that he needed to go work in the morning, the 26-year-old Iranian refugee couldn't refuse.

" I'm a man of my words and if someone says it's an emergency he really means it," Abdollahian said.

Well, good thing he did because after they got to Buffalo, around 500 miles later, Wright tipped Hadi $300 on top the $600 ride.

But it didn't end there. An energy company heard about the road trip and gave the NFL player a check to reimburse him for the Uber ride. But Wright thought Hadi deserved it and passed it along to him. That took his tip from $300 to $900!

He then took to Twitter to show his appreciation for the bonus, writing, " I was not expecting anything like this. Thank you so much @BlueRockEnergy. It means a lot to me."

And that's not all - Hadi, who drives a Nissan Altima, got a Tweet from Nissan saying, "Just like Shareece Wright covers receivers, we got your Altima covered. Free service and oil change on us."

Now that's what we call good karma!

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