Travel Fix: Drew Binsky explores Mexico

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Travel Fix's Drew Binsky has been pretty busy these past three months, visiting Mexico three times.

"Mostly, I've been in the Yucatan province, which is in the very south, eastern part bordering the Caribbean," Drew said.

He says you should head to Cancun if you're looking to see the tropical parts of Mexico. And the one thing you must see are the Mayan Ruins - which are temples that were built out of stones in the 14th and 15th century.

"Some of them are actually in perfect shape. and they're all over the region of southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras," Drew said.

And just an hour from Cancun, Drew says, is Chichen Itza. He says, "The famous pyramid - it's actually one of the seven new wonders of the world. It's pretty cool to visit there."

But he says his favorite spot in Mexico is Tulum, where he during on a cruise. "It's less touristy and it's right on the beach. And there's a bunch of temples and  ancient houses and cool rock formations that you can visit."

And if you have some extra time, Drew says you should head to Guatemala - which is just a short bus or a plane ride away from Tulum.

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