Fort Worth auction helping keep wild west alive

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Fort Worth -- For many folks, the closest they will get to the old west is seeing John Wayne movies. But, for those who are looking for an up close look at the wild west, the Old West Show and Auction in Fort Worth at the Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibit Hall is the place to be this weekend.

“A lot of the dealers come from all over the world,” said promoter Brian Lebel, “We have over 100 of the finest dealers at our show that you can buy, sell and trade at. On Saturday night there is a live auction.”

There are a ton of items you can bid on from a pair of spurs to an old saddle, these items are truly Texas.

“That’s why we love Texas, because Texas has such a great history, and we can bring pieces of history together. Whether it’s something like we have a bit that was found on a ranch here that was from a time when Texas was very young.”

The show has a history that many worry will be forgotten.

“We worry about that everyday, and that’s why we keep doing this. We think that education is really important,” Lebel said.

Those say the key to keeping this history alive is by going to museums and shows like this.

The show runs until Sunday, so that gives you time to saddle up and maybe own a piece of history.