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Simon Says: Free Speech? Sure, but only when the bottom-line isn’t ‘offensive’.

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When you think about, the main job of comic is to make people smile.  That’s it.

Wish we all could have that job, right?

Although, lately, some of you aren’t laughing at Kathy Griffin & Bill Maher. Her “Trump Head” put her to the head of the unemployment line, while Maher’s “N-word” had him using the word “sorry” with his own damage control.

It looks like these two just got space in the ‘Museum of Popped Culture”.  You’ll find them in the “Career. History.” section with others like  Paula Deen and The Dixie Chicks.

Why is it some people eventually survive being offensive (remember Mel Gibson) and some people are never heard from again like Michael Richards from ‘Seinfeld.’  It feels like more and more people may soon be like “Kramer.”

Have you noticed? We’re an uptight bunch. A recent Pew Research study suggests most of you think we’re getting offended way too easily these days.

It wasn’t too long ago "All in the Family” was the most popular show on television. We’ve  come a long way from Archie Bunker. I don’t think a network would even air it today because too many people would be offended and too many sponsors would back out.

That, when you come down to it, is the real reason today the “offensive line”  seems to be a moving target.  Don’t you feel like it all depends on who complains the loudest? What studio or network has the most to lose?

Yeah, a bad earnings report on wall street can also be really offensive.
Will Kathy Griffin come back from this?
Who knows.

That all depends if she can help someone’s ‘bottom line,’ and no one, no one will care if she actually crossed it.

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