Cancer patient arrested for allegedly plotting to kill doctors who had treated him

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VISALIA, CA -- One terminally ill patient in California had revenge on his mind.

He apparently tried to kill the doctors who were treating him.

Vasalia police received a call from Yue Chen's family on May 31st. They said the stage four cancer patient was missing.

When they arrived to the home, they learned that he was armed and headed to the San Francisco Bay Area to kill the three doctors who had treated him.

Apparently, Chen was upset about his health condition and the treatment he'd received form the doctors, and wanted payback.

But cops were able to get to Chen before he could get to his targets.

They found him in San Jose, driving a rented car.

According to the police affidavit, they foung two loaded guns in Chen's car, along with a mask and a notebook with directions to his victims' homes.

But that's not all - a typed letter was also recovered that read:

"Why do I kill? 1) Revenge 2) to tell professional people that you can't treat people like animals."

Chen was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatments related to his condition.

He's now charged with three attempted murders, and is being held without bail.