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Can he do that? UT Coach excused this guy from a wedding

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AUSTIN, TX -- Every season seems to be wedding season these days, so there's no wonder why people are trying to avoid wedding bliss like the plague.

Like one dude who emailed coach Tom Herman asking if he could get a friend out of attending a wedding.

To be clear, it's not his wedding he's trying to get out of.

The letter goes on to ask if Coach Herman could write the die hard "fan" an excuse to miss the wedding and go to the USC versus UT game. So what did coach do?

Well, he actually replied with a letter excusing the fan from the wedding.

"The USC game will be a big game and we could really use Payton's support," Herman said in the letter.

The game isn't until September, so we'll have to see if Payton actually does get a pass.

Guess someone skipping out on your wedding isn't as bad as someone stealing your shine on the big day. Rightfully so, a tale told by Twitter by a newlywed has folks upset.

Apparently, the best man proposed to his girlfriend and announced their pregnancy during her wedding ceremony.

Bringing a crying baby to a wedding, showing up 15 minutes late, or maybe going MIA for a football game is bad.

But nothing is as bad as upstaging the bride and groom.

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