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Called to Rise: Why Chief David Brown would rather write books than be the next black president

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DALLAS -- So what does a dude who went from playing in the streets of Dallas to actually running 'em do with his free time these days?

Write a book.

Former Dallas police chief, David Brown, has jotted down his journey in his new read, Called to Rise, and boy does he have one heck of a story to tell.

"I left school to get on the police department cause of the crack/cocaine epidemic," Brown told NewsFix. "My first beat was my whole neighborhood."

His story is one that started way before the toughest days of his career. It's almost the one year anniversary of the July 7th DPD ambush. Four of his men were killed after a gunman opened fire at a peaceful protest.

"The purpose of the book is to put emphases on July 7th," he added. "The police and community relationships that need to be strengthen."

Brown is hoping during this time of remembrance, people can pick up his book and get inspired.

Although he's put his days of booking criminals behind him, he's still using his leadership skills to influence change.

"It was time to go because these jobs are like political jobs. There are other people who are just as talented that come behind you. I wouldn't call it retirement just enjoying the next phase of my life."

He recently joined ABC News as a contributor and started a new gig with cyber security firm, Kroll. But as far as becoming the next black president? Well, let's just say you can count him out.

"That was very flattering, but I'm horrible at politics."

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