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Workplace bullying is on the rise, and even witnessing it can affect you

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DENTON, TX — Schools aren’t the only places bullies torment the bullied.

Bullying also takes place in the workplace, and according research, it’s on the rise.

One study found that 35% of people report being victims of workplace bullying, with 62% of the bullies being men.

But those victims aren’t the only ones who experience the effects of office-related bullying.

One researcher at the University of North Texas is looking at how even just witnessing someone being bullied in the workplace can affect employees and the overall organization.

Michele Medina, an adjunct professor at UNT, studied people’s reactions to watching people being bullied.

Her research found that by just being a bystander to bullying, you yourself can feel like you’re going to be the next target.

Additionally, she found that people will, not surprisingly, disassociate themselves with the bully, and if you’re of the same gender as the victim, it’s even easier.

So those office jerks aren’t only bringing down their victims; they’re a bane to a whole organization. The question is, what can be done about it?



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