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Peanut – the Tinder for moms!

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FRISCO - There`s an app now for everything... banking, working out and even eating.

Well, why wouldn`t there be a smart app just for moms to meet up? It's called Peanut.

If you`re familiar with Tinder, you swipe to match up with someone and once you connect, you can chat.

This is Tinder, but for moms.

"And it really is," says Whitney Presley, "you swipe left and right to find other moms that kind of meet your interests."

She saw the app on a Facebook thread and thought she'd take a crack at it.

"You need somebody to relate with, and to be able to vent with, and just have fun."

Presley has a five year-old and said when she first moved to Frisco, it was rough.

"Finding moms that are home at the same times or have kids around the same age, or that live five minutes away or sometimes even in the same neighborhood, is a little bit tough to do unless you have some way to connect. The app makes it super simple."

And as a realtor, Presley knows the struggle can be real for new moms moving to the DFW who just don`t know where to look.

"There`s thousands and thousand of people moving to this area every single month. The app can help you find kids in the same age ranges."

Once you do find that peanut butter and jelly match, you need to "shed the shell", as Presley says.

"Start conversations. I`ve noticed moms are really hesitant to say 'Hi' to each other even if they connect."

Looks like it`s the perfect mix for mom`s looking for a great sandwich, and possibly a good friend.

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