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Chill with Bill?! Ice Cube to talk with Bill Maher about N-word on upcoming show

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- There's no doubt a lot of people are furious about Bill Maher blurting out the N-word on his show.

On top of that, it it seems as if he's keeping his job at HBO. But, apparently producers are extending an invite to someone who could possibly cool off the heated situation.

Rapper Ice Cube will reportedly check Maher when Real Time goes live this week.

We can probably all agree that it won't be any barbershop talk, but Cube and Senator Al Franken were both scheduled to be on the show before Bill's controversial "slip-up" aired.

In the end, Al bailed and will be replaced by radio host Michael Eric Dyson.

As for Ice cube, well he's decided to stay and "chill" with Bill.

The rapper reportedly thinks it's perfect timing since he's promoting the 25th anniversary of Death Certificate. A controversial album originally released in the wake of the LA Riots and Rodney King beating.

So from cube, Bill's use of the N-word and other racial wars going on today is all worth a convo. On TV, of course!

Let's just hope everyone keeps their cool and end up having a good day!

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