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An Indiana high school student takes on teen suicide prevention with “13 Reasons Why Not”

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INDIANA -- After watching the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why", a high school student in Indiana decided to take on a teen suicide prevention in a slightly more conventional way.

In the Netflix show, 16-year-old Hannah commits suicide and leaves behind a series of recorded tapes explaining thirteen reasons why she killed herself.

Well, that encouraged Sarah Podzielinski to make a video called "13 Reasons Why Not" to help her classmates discover why suicide should never be the answer.

In the video, students talk about the one special person in their lives who's been there for them through difficult times.

Sarah also used the video to educate viewers about teen suicide and displayed some uplifting messages, assuring them that suicide is not the answer.

Well, it sure seems to be reaching people, Sarah posted the video to her Facebook page and has gotten over 22 thousand views and roughly 500 shares.

Now that's a viral video we can all get behind.

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