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There’s more summer jobs than ever, but teens aren’t applying for them

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With the U.S. unemployment rate the lowest in 16 years, there are plenty of jobs available for teens searching for summer cash. But, with the rate falling to 4.3% in May, millennial teens aren’t snatching up the jobs that are more accessible than ever.

A survey conducted by Career Builders found that out of 2,587 employees, 41% were planning to hire seasonal workers for the summer (that’s up 29% from last year).

The unemployment rate measured in the study only accounted for people actively looking for work, which teens, however, are not.

Why? Well… they have other priorities.

They’re studying instead

Over the past few decades, education has taken more of teens’ time. School districts have lengthened both school days and the academic year with work loads becoming heavier. It’s also taking full advantage of their summers. Teens are enrolling in summer classes four times as much than in 1985.

Jobs are crowded out by immigrants and older Americans

Immigrants and Americans working past age 65 are at the highest rate in more than 50 years. Less educated immigrants are affecting employment for native teens more than native adults.

Parents are pushing teens to volunteer or do extracurricular activities to impress college admissions

College bound teens aren’t searching for a job because money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Rather, parents are encouraging their teens to impress colleges with well rounding activities. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 and hour. With tuition at elite universities charging $50,000 in tuition, scholarships are way better than paying out of pocket.

Looks like other priorities are taking up millennial teens’ job hunts this summer.

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