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Lionel Richie’s bassist had a bad trip and stabbed himself a bunch

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- You've probably seen, or at least heard of, the drug PSA about what your brain looks like on drugs.

Instead of scrambled eggs, one guy tried to turn himself into Swiss cheese!

You may have heard of bass-legend Ethan Farmer.

He's collaborated with artists like Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Aretha Franklin. Not to mention he went on tour with New Kids on the Block and Lionel Richie!

When Farmer had a few friends over on a Tuesday night, he had a bad trip when he ate some edibles.

Like really bad.

Dude apparently ate some pot brownies or cookies, flipped out, and started stabbing himself over and over again! 911 was called and Farmer was taken to the hospital where he said he's recovering.

He even said on Instagram he was going to church with his Mom on Sunday.

After eating the devil's lettuce, it sounds like he could use some Jesus.

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