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Kidd’s Kids Teens set out for Disney World!

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DALLAS, Tx. - It was all smiles saturday morning as 12 families arrived at Love Field, bound for Disney World.

You may be thinking, "I`ve seen this before, Kidd`s Kids who are suffering from cancer get chosen to go on an all inclusive trip to see Mickey."

Well this year's just a little bit different.

"We've taken the regular Kidd`s Kids for 25 years now," says Caroline Kraddick, "and when I kind of took over I wanted to expand our outreach a little bit so we usually take kids ages 5-12 so now we are taking kids 13-18.'

She's is keeping her father`s memory alive in this years trip while starting her own legacy, and people are pumped!

"This is Zulu," says one of Kidd's Kids Teens, Kristen pointing to her stuffed animal, "and she is super excited to go to Magic Kingdom."

"[My] little sister here, Kristen Garcia, she`s fourteen," says Caleb, "she was diagnosed with Leukemia last Thanksgiving and that was really hard on our family."

Kristen and her family are not alone in the fight.

"In August of 2015 she was diagnosed with medullary Thyroid Cancer," says Joy Glenn about her daughter Jayla.

But this weekend, Jayla is all smiles. "I have not been able to sleep last night, and I`m really excited and we feel really lucky to be on this trip."

"It helps you get away as a family and be together," says Joy, "not have to worry about doctors and hospitals and visits and the financial burden of travel.'

"This is a family struggle but there are still people out there that care enough to do amazing things like this for us," says Caleb.

As they roll out ready for the flight, the worries and "cancer" talk have been left at the gate, at least for the week.

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