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North Texas Food Bank in high gear feeding kids out for summer

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DALLAS — School is out and for a lot of kids that means a fun summer break ahead, but for others it could mean empty stomachs.

Thousands of kids rely on school lunches to get through their day. Luckily, there are programs all over, like the North Texas Food Bank, to make sure no student is going hungry.

“One in four kids is food insecure,” said Simon Powell, interim CEO and President of the North Texas Food Bank. “For the kids and for their families, it’s really a huge problem and getting them nutritious food over these hot summer months is absolutely essential.”

To find a summer feeding location near you go to There are over 100 locations just in the Dallas area.

But this leads to another point: while donations may come pouring in around Thanksgiving and Christmas, that isn’t always the case in the summer.

“In the summer we really get little in the way of donations financially which is what we really need right now in order to go ahead and distribute to these different sites throughout the summer,” Powell said. “But we welcome anything. If it’s food, they’re welcome to drop off.  Go to our website. There’s all the information about how to donate food and time as far as volunteering, as well.”

So you can be part of the solution, and make sure that summer break is a blast for every kid.

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