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Elderly pit bull is a whole new dog after getting contact lenses

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UPSTATE NEW YORK – Dog owners will do anything to help one of their furr babies — and Gremlin’s owners, Chris and Mariesa Hughes, who run a non-profit to get vulnerable animals out of shelters, are no exception. After having vision problems, their 11-year-old pit bull rescue was diagnosed with cataracts and underwent surgery, which resulted in her losing some of her vision.

Gremlin developed glaucoma, went completely blind in her right eye, and had to have the eye deadened.

The Hughes were heartbroken to see her quality of life diminish; Gremlin fell down stairs, was bumping into things, and even had trouble eating.

That’s when her veterinarian suggested contact lenses to correct her vision. The Hughes had tried glasses for dogs and had no hesitation in trying out contact lenses.

Once the soft contact lens was put into her left eye and once she was on the floor, they knew it made a difference.

The Hughes told Inside Edition Gremlin wears human contact lenses, which are changed every few days, and they can tell if she loses one — because she goes back to her old blind dog behavior.

Specialty contact lenses for dogs are nothing new (or inexpensive), but veterinary opthalmologist Petra Lackner told Today she thought human lenses would work for Gremlin — and they did.

The Hughes told Today Gremlin is a whole new dog and can’t stop looking at her reflection in the kick plate on a door at home.

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