Hot 93.3 hosts spend 93 hours on a bike?! Well, it’s for a good cause!

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DALLAS -- For both men, there was a specific moment when they knew they were in over their heads. Unsurprisingly, it happened when they were alone in the middle of the night.

"Just after midnight Bret was sleeping, and I started to do the nod, and I almost fell off the bike," laughed Hot 93.3 morning co-host Scotty K. "That's when I knew that this might have been more than we could chew."

"We were on our shifts, and it was 3 in the morning," Hot 93.3 co-host Bret Mega added. "Scotty was up, and he hit Snooze. I was like, 'He's not gonna get up! Dude, get up! Don't hit Snooze!'"

The challenge is 93 hours on a stationary bike for the hosts of Hot 93.3 Scotty K and Bret Mega Mornings.

And there's just one way for them to get relief.

"The only way we can get off the bike is if people come out and support, relieve us from the bike and make a small donation," Scotty said.

It's the opening event of Hot 93.3's 93 Days of Kindness.

"It's about not just doing acts of kindness," Scotty said. "It's about changing your habits, changing your lifestyle to be kind to others, and we need more of that right now."

Every act of kindness has a purpose. This one is to raise money for the Genesis Women's Shelter, a safe space for victims of domestic violence.

"We got a small glimpse of it, and I mean it was just a small glimpse," Mega said. "Like 2:30 AM, Scotty was sleeping on his two hour shift. I was like, 'Nobody's here for me. I'm alone. I can't get through this.' I needed help. That's exactly what it's supposed to feel like. That's what we're supposed to understand is just that feeling of just, there's no way out. That's what Genesis Women's Shelter does provide. A way out."

To cycle this challenge into high gear, local celebs Mavs Man and Cowboys mascot, Rowdy, came out.

"It was nice enough, Mavs Man said he's going to take the rest of the shift, the next 44 hours," Mega laughed.

Regular folks showed up too, taking part in spin classes put on by CycleBar, giving Scotty and Bret the morning off from riding.

The event goes 24 hours per day and wraps Monday morning at 7:00, so spin out to Victory Park and show your kindness.

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