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Why Walmart may not be putting smiles on employees faces

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BENTONVILLE, AR -- You can probably find everything you need at Walmart but the employees might not be bagging the best benefits. The grocery giant is under fire for allegedly firing employees who take sick days even if they have a doctor's note.

A Better Balance report claims the company also discriminates against pregnant workers, which is a direct violation of the disabilities and pregnancy discrimination act.

Walmart is reportedly sacking the claims although over a thousand of their employees have come forward on the issues. But Wally World is rolling out something they hope would put a smile on their employees' faces and more money in their pockets.

They're asking workers to deliver customers' packages on their way home. So imagine getting off the clock after eight hours but before you go home you have to stop at someone else's house first.

Walmart hopes this new tactic will give them a leg up over Amazon Prime and other home delivery services.

"We operate in a mode with very low expenses and that means innovation and efficiency," said Walmart's CEO Mike Duke.

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