Study says your spouse wants to cheat on you… with your neighbor 😐

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Man with kisses on a collar

Have you ever wondered if your spouse were to cheat, who they would most likely cheat on you with?

Well, a study may have just found that answer.

According to Gleeden, a dating site for married people 😕, a survey of 8,000 members showed that 62% of women “fantasized about cheating with one of their neighbors.” Men fantasize about their neighbor 71%.

Does this mean that your significant other will most likely cheat with the neighbor?

No, not really, but 31% of women in the study admitted actually having an affair with the guy next door.

About 60% of these affairs were only one night stands, but 14% of women extend their infidelity to a few weeks while 6% continue for more than a year.

Not to worry though, most friendly neighborhood cheating is only a fantasy for couples, so you don’t have to have your guard up when saying “hello” passing the good looking guy next door.