Study says your jerk friends actually have ‘nice’ intentions for you

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ENGLAND -- We've all come across a mean girl or two or three. But a new study From the University of Plymouth in the UK says that all the smack talk, insults, and bad mouthing actually comes from a good place. A group of researchers surveyed 140 adults about hypothetical situations.

For example:  When a friend is procrastinating instead of studying for an exam or won't kick that no-good dude or girl to the curb.

Well, they found the subjects who were mean to their friends in these type of situations only wanted their friends to succeed!

Still not convinced?

Well, we took this study to the streets to see if a mean friend could have nice intentions. The responses were pretty spot on.

"I think that can be a true statement", said one pedestrian. "I have a friend personally who if I'm doing something wrong he'll say something mean to me just so I can do better.

Another pedestrian explained that, "sometimes when someone is saying something to you or they might be venting at you they see themselves in you and they're just annoyed at what they're seeing."

So by "mean" it's safe to say the study is not talking about the people who throw shade, steal ya man, or has hateration in their blood. Because that person Is called something else and it isn't friendly word.