Racial slur sprayed across LeBron James’ home

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- LeBron is making headlines again but in this conversation, no one is talking triple doubles. Instead, King James seemed to be the target of a hate crime: Someone spray painted the n-word on his front gate.

We all know Cleveland has love for LeBron, but LA isn't sending out the same love.

According to TMZ, the LAPD answered the call early Wednesday morning. Right now, investigators are checking out neighbors' security footage in hopes of catching the fool -- or fools.

No word yet on who's responsible, but we've got to imagine they're feeling like they just played LeBron. But let’s be honest, that can't last long and they’ll eventually be caught.

The graffiti has already been covered up and luckily, L-Train wasn't home when it happened -- because he's getting ready for game one of the NBA Finals!

Now, LeBron does have a history of making public comments on racism. He spoke about social activism at last year's ESPY awards and again earlier this month.

Who knows if that was the reason for the tasteless display? But either way, sounds like a flagrant foul to us.