See It: Dashcam footage of Tiger Woods DUI arrest!

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JUPITER, Fla. - It's out people!

Dashcam video from the night Tiger Woods got busted for DUI has been released and it isn’t pretty.

The video shows the golfer barefoot, swaying and slurring his words as he bombs field sobriety tests.

This all started early Monday morning when cops in Jupiter, Florida rolled up on Tiger passed out behind the wheel of his banged up Mercedes-Benz.

Obviously, Woods was a bit of a hot mess because he thought he was in Los Angeles, headed toward Orange County.

He was actually about 10 miles away from his Florida home.

Even though the cop said he smelled like alcohol, Tiger blames this all on a bad reaction to prescription meds.

We'll see more from Tiger when he heads to court in July, but let's hope we never see him like this again!