The Real Thing? Story says Obama will leave the country

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Back during the presidential campaign, a lot of celebrities told us they would leave the country if Donald Trump won.

Samuel L. Jackson said he'd move to South Africa.

Amy Schumer set sites on Spain.

Cher was bound for Jupiter.

Well, for now, Samuel's still in the US, Schumer's not in Spain, and Cher did not* have another farewell tour.

But what about Barack Obama? We know he had to move--out of the White House.

But a story on many social media feeds says he's thinking about moving to Kenya, "as he cannot live under Trump's rule."

The story from the New York Evening says he'd move there to take care of his 97-year-old grandmother.

Hey, the former president has* been out of the country lately, in Germany on business and Italy for business *and* pleasure.

But by all accounts, he's planning to head back to Chicago, where his presidential library will stand one day.

So how reliable is "The New York Evening?"

Well, a newspaper called the New York Evening Mail was created back in 1867, but it had merged with other papers by end of the 19th century.

The website was just created last year by somebody in Macedonia.

Is there a story on your social media feed that doesn't ring true?

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