Hunting service for dogs and cats in Irving? Looks like a classic Facebook scam

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IRVING -- Real High End Guided Feral Safaris may be a mouthful, but is it also a crock full of you know what?

The Facebook page for the animal hunting business has shock value mastered, and we aren't talking about the $25,000 price tag for a two-week hunting adventure.

The real head turner is the game they're chasing: formerly domesticated cats, dogs, and horses.

They write about exploding and vaporizing animals in the posts, and there are multiple instances where they mention the laughs they got out of the experience.

No surprise, animal advocates are firing back by the hundreds, leaving angry comments, leaving bad reviews on the page, and reporting them.

The question is, is this business actually legit?

After some investigation, we're going with a big no.

The phone number goes straight to voicemail, saying: "Leave a message after the beep, or you can find us on the web at Facebook or the Twitter."

Turns out, Facebook is really the only place we could find them. Emails went undelivered, messages weren't responded to on Facebook, and their address is a gas station with workers who were definitely surprised to hear from us--because they know nothing about the Feral Safari business.

On top of that, many of the pictures found on the page came from somewhere else on the Internet. In fact, one of them traced back to an Imgur post, and the user said he had no idea it was used by Real High End Guided Feral Safaris.


So the question is, is it a scam? The packages ask for 20 percent down to reserve a spot after all.

Or is it just an internet troll job? And if is, who's actually being trolled? Animal activists or game hunters?

Either way, stay away from this one. It's always better to be safe than safari!

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