Hamptons Bachelors might have perfect solution to fighting off ‘gold diggers’

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SAG HARBOR, NY-- Friends, good food, and a pool to kick it at might be your summer goals.

But, up north in The Hamptons, some women reportedly spend their bikini season gold digging.

Might not come as a surprise that one of the most affluent vacation spots is filled with women looking for their next baller-baby-daddy. The real shocker here is -- these young and rich Hampton bachelors are apparently fighting back.

They're reportedly dropping dough on vasectomies like they're $20 dollar haircuts. Urologists say they're seeing well-off bachelors request the service right before Hamptons season.
One report from the NY Post, asked a few millionaires why they got their vasectomies and each of them said the goal was to keep the ladies from trapping 'em. They also claimed they'd rather spend the $1000 for the procedure than cut a $400,000 dollar check for child support.

Call it clever or crazy, one thing's for sure the whole idea is pretty cut throat!

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