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Clock Boy’s cousin SloMoe raps about Islamophobia

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IRVING -- Who could forget "Clock Boy?" Well, now we want to introduce you to another unforgettable family member -- his cousin, who goes by the name SloMoe.

SloMoe is a rapper, busting rhymes for a cause, preaching against Islamophobia.

In his song, "All About the Dollaz," he says, "We need progress, and we gon' protest for freedom equality, ain't nothing less."

"Music is a great platform," SloMoe told NewsFix. "There's a lot of people that can be influenced by it, especially our youth."

With Clock Boy as inspiration, he says growing up with the name "Mohammed" can be difficult in America -- something most Muslim children can relate to.

"Really there's too much division, not just in Irving, but across the country," SloMoe said. "So, I wanna bring a message of peace, a message of hope, and use my music to further the causes for our community."

So, while the spotlight shifts from one cousin to the other, he hopes to bridge the gap with his music.

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