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10-year-old Kheris goes from bullied to #FlexinInMyComplexion

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DALLAS -- The Light Skin vs. Dark Skin debate has serious roots in black culture. Shoot, remember the names being tossed around in School Daze?!

But what about when it touches our kids today?

"The kids would call me dead roach, and I've been in the oven too long," 10-year-old Kheris Rogers told NewsFix. "They just kept messing with me."

At just six years old, Kheris was forced to realize her skin was a different color than most of those around her.

"In the 1st Grade, I went to a school where there were just four other black children in my classroom, and there was an incident with my teacher," she said. "We were supposed to draw ourselves, and she gave me a black crayon instead of a brown crayon. I felt really uncomfortable in my skin color."

The California native moved schools, and things got a little better, but in March a tweet from older sister Taylor Pollard took Kheris from lost with no direction to #FlexinInMyComplexion.

"It got over 32,000 retweets and almost 85,000 likes, and I was just taken by surprise," 22-year-old Taylor said.

It's no surprise out of a girl with this sort of model behavior.

(Courtesy Twitter: @KherisPoppin)

(Courtesy Twitter: @KherisPoppin)

A Twitter account, and Instagram, and now a clothing line at was born.

For the girl who inspired it, the phrase #FlexinInMyComplexion is all about self-confidence.

"You shouldn't let anyone tell you different because you know you're #FlexinInMyComplexion," she said. "If I know I'm beautiful, you don't have to tell me I'm ugly because I know I'm beautiful no matter what."

Kheris is already a role model of self love, and...

"I'm looking forward to, in the future, seeing myself on the Ellen Show," she said.

Hey! Even role models wanna meet Ellen!

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