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Video of wild ride in South Dallas intersection causes DPD to speak out!

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DALLAS -- A video taken on the streets of Dallas has DPD pumping the brakes on a new cruise zone.

It's a scene straight out of Fast and the Furious, except there are no stunt doubles, no one is yelling cut and it’s happening right in our backyard.

It’s the intersection of Elsie Faye Heggins Street and Malcolm X Boulevard; a new favorite for street racers.

"This intersection is typically most active on the weekends, as most people cruise and socialize, creating traffic incidents and crowd control issues," Deputy Vernon Hale of DPD's Southeast Patrol Division said.

The video was taken Tuesday night showing massive clouds of smoke, doughnuts, wild driving - all going on for about half an hour without any interruption from law enforcement.

"Every night about 10:30 p.m., this intersection may be closed down,” says Ermetra Henderson, a South Dallas Resident. “They’re out here doing doughnuts. A friend of mine has been paralyzed, near death right now, because of a street race on this street."

DPD held a conference Wednesday morning to let the community know the area is not lawless and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

"We will continue to have supervisors monitor that area on a nightly basis, while we provide those extra patrols. “It is not lawless as I have heard it characterized in the media, at all. We have good citizens down there,” explained Hale.

And those good citizens are looking for a change.

Henderson says, "Not only is it vandalism, it is stopping our community from thriving."

With DPD on the situation, looks all these drivers got was a head start and it won't be too long before they burn out.


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