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Student banned from graduation for exposed shoulders!

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HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Back in the day, people lost it if women showed more than what was allowed.

These days any young girl in high school will tell you she's heard some version of this:

Your shorts are too short. That dress shows way too much shoulder. You’re going to distract the boys.

We’re sure they’ve heard it all, but did one school in North Carolina take things a little too far?

Summer is a senior at Hickory Ridge High School, has a 4.4 GPA and a full scholarship to a major university. Too bad she can't walk across the stage for graduation because of her exposed collarbone.

While having lunch, the principal approached Summer and asked her if she had a jacket to put over this shirt. She didn't - but her friend came to the rescue and loaned her one. Summer put it on and zipped it up.

Should have been over, right?

Well, the principal wasn't satisfied and told her to change. Summer said she wasn't going anywhere without her mother.

That's when the principal gave her the ultimatum of changing her shirt or she was going to be arrested.

So she was suspended and sent home for insubordination. Plus, the principal still wants to kick her out of school!

Talk about getting the cold shoulder.


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