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Future and history collide in high-tech exhibits at Fort Worth museum

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FORT WORTH -- When you think of visiting a museum, you might picture a lot of standing, staring, and reading.

But the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is trying to change all that, with some high-tech interactive exhibits.

For example, Dino Labs, the newest of their galleries.

"We added technology such as this Dino Stomp wall," explained Dr. Doug Roberts, the Museum's chief technology officer. "An array of monitors and a bunch of powerful computers behind the scenes, to make the dinosaurs interact with [guests]."

And it's not just one wall that's gone high-tech; the whole museum is moving toward interactive technology, and there's a good reason for those big changes!

"People bring technology with them all the time," Dr. Roberts said. "Little kids around here probably know how to use an iPad better than I do."

Hey, it can be a challenge getting guests to take their eyes off their tiny glowing screens, but giant video walls with interactive dinosaurs?  That's a heck of a way to start!

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