Boom Box: The evolution of fashion in Hip Hop

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DALLAS -- When you start to talk about Hip Hop, you have to address the fashion trends that accompanied the different periods in Hip Hop.

If you reflect a little bit, you will realize there have been several fashion trends that were made popular because Hip Hop artists kicked them off.

Let's talk about a few. In the early days of Hip Hop, folks were rocking gold chains, Kangols, big hoop earrings, and sneakers. Man, Run DMC even did a whole song about Adidas, remember?

Then we graduated to the 90's, where sporting hoodies, Cross-Colors, Timberlands, and Starter Jackets were the craze!

After that died down in the early 2000's, we went to plain white T's and sagging jeans. Guess it wasn't cool unless your drawers were showing!

Then people got tired of holding their pants up and skinny jeans were born!

Now, fashion in Hip Hop seems to have taken a feminine turn and there’s a new trend; guys sporting blouses and clutch purses.  Lil Uzi Vert was spotted in a very lady-like getup and the internet has been ruthless.

We’re not sure if that trend is going to stick and if it doesn’t, there is always the male romper!

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