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Virginia woman arrested after a fake-bomb scare at a Whole Foods parking lot

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Another clock, another bomb scare.

But this time, at a Whole Foods parking lot.

And yes, it most definitely looked like a bomb.

Daphne Page was arrested Friday after someone spotted what looked like a bomb in her car, in a whole foods parking lot.

And after five hours of investigation, police determined it was actually not a bomb - but a clock.

"I feel stupid for having spent a dollar on a stupid clock at a yard sale," said Page.

Yes, the clock was designed to look like a bundle of dynamite.

Page said, "I picked it up, I thought haha, this is funny. My daughter's birthday is coming up, she might find this amusing."

But apparently, having a fake bomb in her car while grocery shopping wasn't the best idea. Because now she's charged with constructing or using a hoax fire alarm.

But Page brings up a good point, and says she's not entirely to blame. "It was available on the market. If it's available to sell, why shouldn't be legal for me to, you know have it," she said.

On Monday, Page was released on bond and her lawyer says he still hopes to get the charge dismissed.

"Our plan is to prove that what the police recovered is not an actual bomb and she didn't have the intent to commit a crime at all"

Meanwhile in Texas, a judge dropped a lawsuit against the Irving School District on Friday, after a Muslim teen was arrested for bringing a home-made clock to school - that was mistaken for a bomb.

But Ahmed Mohammed's father says the discrimination lawsuit is far from over.

Truth is, maybe the best way to bring an end to these unfortunate situations is to not bring something that looks like a bomb in public.


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