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Harvard student makes a rap album for his senior thesis

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Writing an English thesis can be pretty boring, but one Harvard student found a slightly more creative way to present it.

Obasi Shaw, 20, decided to do a rap album as his final thesis at Harvard! Something that, not surprisingly, has never been done before!

He's has his mom to thank for the idea.

Shaw turned his rap album titled, "Liminal Minds." In the 10-track album, he talks about serious topics such as race, religion, and what he thinks it means to be black in America while citing his own experiences.

"I want to explore the complex nature of what it means to be black and to be human... nobody is less human than anybody else," Shaw said.

In his song, "Open Your Eyes," he focuses on the past African-American struggles for certain rights.

"Just watch the thrones, our people are known.

For making history of the impossible.

From rap to White House, we unstoppable.

Jumping Jim Crow to playing Oscar roles."

And not only did the album land Shaw an A - in the English department, but he also landed himself a job!

He'll be working for Google after graduation as a software engineer. It's not clear how much his raps had to do with that.

Regardless, this definitely a reminder that sometimes thinking "outside the box" will help you land opportunities you never thought possible!

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