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Golden mic check: Our top 3 Historic moments during 2017 Billboard Music Awards

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LAS VEGAS -- It's music Monday A.K.A the day after the Billboard Music Awards. It seems like the show's 2017 edition ended up making more historic hits than actual hits!

1. This year, it wasn't Queen Bey who reigned. Although she did snag five golden mics, Drizzy Drake did it even better. Before the show started he won a few and then as the night went on he won again ... and again and again! Until he collected a grand total of 13, making him the artist with the most wins in a single night -- topping Adele! No question his hotline is blingin'

2. Another first was K Pop group BTS taking home the social award. You might not of heard of them before Sunday night but the Southern Korean boy band is the first K POP group to win a Billboard. They beat out American faves: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and 'The Biebs.'

3. Another historic moment goes to Cher . The queen accepted the icon award then took the stage and sang her heart out. FYI Cher just turned 71, so let that sink in.


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