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Edible bird nests confiscated at DFW, but where’s that on the weird scale?

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DALLAS -- Headed to the airport?

You may be the cautious type, putting everything in its rightful plastic bag, looking up the rules again and again, and even remembering to take your laptop out of your bag.

You also might be the type of person who tries to take dozens of undeclared edible birds' nests through DFW security.

Yeah, that recently happened in Dallas.

Edible birds nest pieces confiscated from DFW Airport (US Customs and Border Protection)

Edible. Birds. Nests.

It gets weirder. These are stick and grass homes. Birds, called swiftlets, make them in caves using only their own spit. And get this. They sell for hundreds of dollars per pound to make an Asian delicacy, birds nest soup.

There's nothing delicate about how Pink Magnolia Executive Chef Blythe Beck feels about these pieces of spit.

"I'm guessing you have to cook it slow and low and boil it," Beck said. "Come on, y'all. We've got way better products out there than a bird's home. Let it go!"

The nests weren't allowed on the plane because they went undeclared at Customs and were deemed a health risk.

They aren't the craziest things that have been caught by security, though!

Five dead seahorses in a liquor bottle (TSA Instagram)

TSA posts many of those on their Instagram, and it gets more shocking as you go. Sure there are plenty of guns, knives, and ammo, but they've also seen stun gun canes, replica suicide vests, a camera that looks like a gun, a grenade that looks like art, Thor-sized wood mallets, airbags, meat slicers, live birds, and seahorses in a liquor bottle.

A life-sized replica of a rotting corpse going through TSA (TSA Instagram)

And we wonder why TSA's got a reputation for bad moods.

But don't worry. Your pizza, and your life-sized replica of a rotting corpse are good to go!

Birds nest soup, anyone?

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