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Drones being used for insurance evaluations

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ARGYLE, TX — The annual stormy season here in North Texas can keep insurance adjusters pretty busy going from house to house looking at damage, but one company is using a high tech solution to solve that problem.

Travelers Insurance has begun deploying drones over homes to quickly get a complete picture of property damage from hail or wind.

“The customer experience is greatly enhanced,” said Kimberly Green, a technical specialist with Travelers. “The efficiency, it’s a lot faster to use. We can get to the customer faster, get the estimate to the customer, get them paid faster.”

“It’s very nice and it makes it a lot quicker response time, turnaround time,” Scott Kennedy, the homeowner, said. “We’ll know exactly what’s going on a lot sooner and what we can do to take care of all the damages. It’s good to have this technology, I wanna play with it.”

Besides the speed, the drone evaluator has another huge advantage:

“Safety for us claim professionals because we’re no longer getting on the roof,” explained Green.

Yeah, no more climbing up onto a slippery, steep, potentially damaged roof to evaluate it. So safer, faster, and cheaper. Just another job where drones are starting to make their presence known!

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