Melania doesn’t want anything to do with Trump’s hands

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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL -- Trump's hands have gotten, well, out of hand.

When POTUS and FLOTUS first arrived in Israel, Trump reached out to hold his wife's hand when: DENIED! Melania wasn't having it at all and slapped his hand out the way!

One person tweeted:

Even James Corden chimed in:

Folks, it wasn't any better when Trump was in Saudi Arabia either. Instead of peace in the middle east, all eyes are on the "Orb of Mystery."

Trump, the King, and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia opened a new center by literally putting their hands on an orb that lights up, and the internet is glowing crazy!

Comments range from this:

To these guys who took liberties with Photoshop and Lord of the Rings!

Wait, it gets better! After Trump touched the orb, a sink hole opened up in Mar-a-Lago!

Maybe this should be Trump's wake up call to keep his tiny Twitter fingers to himself.