FW Cop says he’s not responsible for leaked video that got him demoted

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FORT WORTH--We've heard a lot of talk about the incident between Fort Worth resident Jacqueline Craig and Officer William Martin.

But it's the leak of the video from Martin's bodycam that got two high-ranking police officials demoted.

One of them, former deputy chief (and now Captain) Vance Keyes, spoke out Monday.

"I'm not some backdoor dealing, double talking, side-stepping political puppet. I am a career public servant," he said.

He denied doing anything wrong, even saying the chief's statements about his text messages with former assistant chief (and now Captain) Abdul Pridgen were taken out of context, leading to the wrong conclusion.

"None of the texts had anything to do with any leak. They simply referenced disparate treatment minorities have received.

Keyes was surrounded by supporters at his news conference, including Jacqueline Craig and her lawyer. Some local pastors were also present. They called for Chief Joel Fitzgerald's resignation.

For his part, Keyes asked everyone to keep their priorities straight.

"My personal situation and that of my colleague, Abdul Pridgin, cannot and should not overshadow Jacqueline Craig's incident."