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DFW receives special cart for transportation of fallen soldiers

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DFW AIRPORT — It’s the final journey for so many American heroes and one airline is out to make sure it is an honorable one.

Monday, Alaska Airlines donated a special, customized luggage cart to DFW Airport, specifically for the transportation of a fallen soldier.

“When a fallen soldier comes in our aircraft we’re going to make sure he’s handled in an honorable, respectful manner, every single time,” said Dan Brosche with Alaska Airlines.

The cart was driven all the way to DFW from Seattle, and for the driver who handled the entire journey, it wasn’t just a delivery.

“This trip was especially important for me because my father’s a World War II vet and he passed away in March and his burial flag is in that cart,” said the driver Jim Rea. “So on this trip, I was driving the whole way.”

And the drive can be just as inspirational as the purpose of the cart being delivered.

“The support we get on the overpasses, police and fire and people waving flags,” said Rea. “It’s a very touching trip down.”

The cart can now be utilized by every airline at DFW, assuring that anyone who makes their final landing at our airport will do so with a hero’s welcome.

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