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CG Victory gives a whole new meaning to burpees!

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PLANO - We know what you're thinking when you watch this video. No, it's not some kind of cruel and unusual punishment, it's Burpees for Victory!

"Camp Gladiator a part of that is our non-profit kids camp that we call CG Victory," says Mark Hudspeth, Trainer and Regional Director with Camp Gladiator, which is a year-round adult outdoor fitness boot camp. "Something that we as the trainer force do with the company to partner with them, is to fundraise ourselves, and the way that we do it is we do burpees in exchange for money."

Hudspeth raked in $1,800, which boiled down to 600 burpees.

Yup, you heard right, 600 burpees and he says it's all worth it. "The money is actually going towards kids that are going on a scholarship, these are kids that are living in low-income housing, or not in a situation where they would ever be able to go to a camp like this."

It's what most adult campers would normally call payback, but in this case, they're paying it forward.

"It's a lot of fun and they've got great form, so we try to give them the worst burpee possible," says CG adult camper Anise Shapiro. "It's another way of a good connection between the campers and the trainers. They're just great people so it makes it fun for us as a mini torture, but we are also helping kids so it feels great."

Anise's son Myles has gone in years past and it's one of his favorites.

"It was fun hanging out with a bunch of other kids having the cool counselors that, instead of going to some vacation, they went and helped us out," says Myles.

This year more than $200,000 was raised across the board which means more than 700 kids will have the chance to go to the faith-based camps in DFW, Waco, Houston, and Austin, free.

"I didn't get into camp gladiator to raise money for a kids camp," says Hudspeth. "That just kind of came along with it, and being able to not only impact my campers lives, but now going a step deeper and impacting kids that I don't even know and I may never meet, but I'm helping provide them with an opportunity to get outside and actually do something positive."

Anise sums it up perfectly.

"Great that it's not just about getting together and sweating."

To donate and find out more visit this link.

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