Dallas Zoo spends Endangered Species Day helping African Penquins

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DALLAS -- Endangered animals have made a pretty good comeback over the last couple years. Even though species like the Panda and Manatee aren't on the endangered list anymore, there are still plenty of animals that aren't so lucky.

"Most of our issues are due to the human population. It has exponentially grown in the last however many decades. We are putting a lot of stress on the environment and the earth and the animals that live in it, including ourselves," Dallas Zoo Bird Curator, Sprina Liu said.

The Dallas Zoo is home to several endangered birds, elephants, gorillas, you name it! However, it's the African Penguin the zoo is focusing on.

"We are very excited to be participating in a Kickstarter program," Liu said. "We are trying to raise $150,000 over the next 30 days to build nests for African Penguins."

The artificial nests will be put into penguin colonies to help guard them against predators, heat, and hopefully give the chicks a chance to knock the African Penguin off the endangered list!

So hopefully we can work together to get another species off the list.

"I don't know that everyone realizes what kind of impact losing something across the world does to us here in the United States or vice versa," Liu said.

Unfortunately, there's still roughly 16,000 species to go.

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