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Chew on This: Sumo Shack

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DALLAS - In Dallas, it's pretty easy to find a ramen spot - but bao - not so much. Until now. Sumo Shack, located on SMU Blvd., is bringing both Asian favorites under one roof.

So what exactly is bao you might ask?

"The first concept of bao is a rice steamed bun, packing a lot of meat inside of it, and then they steam the whole thing," Long Nguyen told Newsfix. Nguyen is the general manager of Sumo Shack.

And it folds, kind of like a taco. But what's inside is where the magic lies. Case in point, the 'po-bao.'

"We name it Po Bao because we come to America and we fall in love with the Po' Boy," Nguyen said.

And this baby is stuffed with soft shell crab, lettuce, pickles, and a sweet soy glaze.

Craving something sweet? Chew on This: Sumo Shack is serving up the ice cream bao, with matcha green tea ice cream.

Now if you're looking for something less Americanized and more traditional, there's the takoyaki - also known as 'octopus fritters' - topped with cheese, bonita flakes, bacon, and scallion.

And the Tokyo dog, which is a perfect mixture of both cultures. And of course the Sumo ramen.

If you're burning the midnight oil, Sumo Shack got ya back. They're open 'til 4:00 a.m. There's even a secret late night menu coming soon. But for now, you're stuck with that they got - which is nothing short of amaze balls.

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